• liam1227 10w

    You can

    I lay awake each and every night,
    Sitting in terror in the moonlight.
    Thinking about how you will flee,
    Trying to see what's wrong with me.
    I dont steal or lie or cheat,
    But I'm sure that that is no great feat.
    But everytime I get cut to the bone,
    As they walk out of my life and leave me alone.
    I have no idea how long this will last,
    But I'm afraid it will end just like all in my past.
    You have said you love me and that I am the one,
    But I'm still afraid you'll do like they've done.
    You're arent like the rest though, I know it is true.
    I've never loved another they way I love you.
    So now you know my deepest fears,
    and that you are able to bring me to tears.
    I pray they ar not ones of pain,
    I would hate to be in that place again.
    But I think they will be tears of joy,
    You make me feel like a high school boy.