• reah_rose 6w

    My name is Reabetswe

    Hey Its not that i dont need no one
    I just to learned to struggle alone inside
    at a tender age in life.
    My mama died when I was five
    My dad well he is alive
    I had to deal with issues by myself
    Now it's hard to say I need you
    Because I know I can survive
    Even if you were to die in my life
    I cry myself to sleep when I'm broken
    They say I'm dark and deep I should open,
    Other days
    my joy is hard to hide
    It's loud and jolly sometimes annoying,
    I was angry and I couldn't hold it inside
    I'm still learning how to keep calm
    When the storm is high.
    I'm art that is hard to understand
    And for that I will always love me more