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    She is 32 I am 19
    A difference of 13
    To ignore or pick up
    I dream of her almost everyday
    Or maybe leaving a day in between
    Just to relax a bit and dream of her all over again.

    She is curvy, she is enthusiastic
    But she is alone
    Maybe I don't know her
    Maybe the frontier that I didn't cross
    Would reveal all her secrets.

    One day I decided to knocked at
    The door of secrets
    She is a psychologist
    Hence, I became her patient
    I wish I was the joker
    I would have dived into acids of sorrow
    With her and her soul.

    Cooking her 3rd meal
    A red apple, bread and butter with milk
    I don't remember it was summer or winter
    But she was sweating
    A drop of her sweat
    Travelled to her breasts
    And cold and pale I sat at the chair
    To get greeted with a cup of tea and some care.

    Sat beside me to talk
    And listen
    Of nights and days that sucked the air
    Out of my lungs
    And the legs felt light with joy
    Heavy was the heart that didn't skip a beat.

    Wearing a cloth of modesty
    A white frock covered her body
    And her breasts
    I am laying stress on all the organs,
    All of which were embellished with a size tag
    Say 34 for breasts, 38 for waist and some of them which the eyes didn't see.

    All was good uptill when the stored data
    Inside the encephalon began to haunt me
    At nights; In dreams;
    I saw my parents crossing frontiers like me
    To plead to request
    The master of psychology
    To marry me and my soul.

    She never says no
    She smiles and accepts
    Now, I was going to get laid
    With the most desired woman
    Of dreams and reality.

    Why do people get married?
    The sole answer is to have sex,
    And to add heir to their imagination.
    But here the male domination saw no future
    She bought the condoms
    Covered the penis
    Sat above it
    And ordered to proceed further.

    I was voiceless, powerless
    All the formalities were being performed
    At her place
    From deciding venue of ceremony
    To venue of honeymoon.

    I was kept aloof about matters
    That involved my decision
    Ultimately I got hitched with the lady of my dreams in my dream
    But still the body felt sad
    Out of stamina
    At odd hours leaving me in pain.

    She kept riding me until
    It was enough to extract
    And then orders me to bring a cup of black coffee
    She drinks black before lifting weights
    Before lifting me up
    And dragging me down in the balcony
    Naked with fear.

    Everything requires an end
    My dreams ended after bending my head
    In front of her modest face and body
    While keeping a hand on my bag's folded foam which is soft and meshable,
    To assure her that I was fine
    And that I would never ever cross the frontiers of limits again.

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