• anonymously_me 9w

    Listen my soul

    1. The night gently grew over my skin as i welcomed you to me.
    2.I want to feel your presence beside me again , just yours.
    3. Your face, feels like i am missing it from ages
    4. Your eyes, love shines in them. I will never forget.
    5. Your hands, support stands with them.
    6. There is enough time to love you even when my boy is asleep.
    7. I wish you were here.
    8. I have a hollow ache when i miss you. It tightens my heart.
    9. I am so proud of you. You deserve everything.
    10. We'll never give up
    11. Your lips, they drive me crazy. I never expressed.
    12. Lockdown is torture. Why is this even there?