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    Quoniam amicus

    quaestio placitum

    permanere placitum quaestione Jay

    Ad puellam quae quaestiones placitum

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    To the wild flower who decided to question Convention

    Sometimes I find it difficult to believe that a society that strives off chaos and destruction could produce such a soul.
    She has troubles of her own yet she weeps with those who shed a tear and opens her heart for those willing to tear her’s apart.
    She is the definition of beauty in a cold world where blood is just an exploitative term.
    How long will we suffocate her, will she poison herself just to please us and hold the hands of the dying.
    Cant you see she is under pressure too she is drowning.
    I wouldn’t...
    shouldn’t expect you to notice
    she doesn’t wear it on her sleeve everyone’s burdens seem easier to bear than her own.
    darling just own it, If you deny yourself the truth of who you are you will never truly know perfection.
    They say it doesn’t exist but it does to me, when one imperfect soul should carry their cross piled on the crosses of others and still seek their worth with bowed heads.
    You do not seek adoration or thanks you simply help when you can.
    Like the Oenothera bienni you have questioned convention and bloomed where you were told you could not. you are wise and everything angelic.
    but to every coin is rougher side.
    A side that was not polished enough too dreary or dull
    a side we hide all too often .
    you are no angel ,
    but who said angels where the only perfect things about this world.
    you are fury. you are poison.
    your sword are words and your knives are pens
    But I have noticed that you never aim them at feeble men’s heads
    you wait before plunging them deep into their hearts.

    Understand, she has nightmares too, she cannot sleep.
    Did you check up on her today because she never forget what others go through
    or did you simply believe that she was too strong for your company.
    She is broken just like the rest
    but she became a hero when all else decided they couldn’t handle this test
    She does not lay her problems on you because you simply cannot handle her stress.
    She is under pressure.
    She is drowning.
    Won’t you stop a while and save her , save her from those nightmares,
    save her from overthinking,
    save her from herself.
    Allow her to be selfish for once.
    Allow her to go through a day thinking only of herself and things beneficial to her.
    Is her happiness too much to ask.
    Dear depression,
    She is a friend,
    you are a cold hearted bitch I’d rather see dead.
    Anxiety has worked his magic ,
    I guess you really make a happy couple.
    Spare her the trauma
    I beg of you,
    her mind is tired of fighting
    and her body is weak
    stop double teaming her
    she tries to be strong,
    the strongest
    she cannot hide from you.
    you plague her subconscious.
    Listen to me I have been through enouh with you to know pleading doesnt help.
    I was on the verge of insanity all thanks to your help
    know that she is stronger than I am her battle cries ,
    her tears,
    her sweat
    her constant pleas
    are proof enough you cannot best her at a game she is amused at
    Just give up
    Laying low will not help when you slowly rob her of precious moments. Memories.

    I wish it would stop
    that one day the mirror will whisper back
    that the sun will smile your way
    the rain will wash all your secrets away.
    you are beautiful
    Its sad
    I have come to realize that society harms the things they find most rare, precious, beautiful.
    Darling , my generation does not know the true value of anything and it saddens me.
    Keep being you don’t ever change because you are perfect the way you are smart talented educated and level headed
    you are one of the few souls untainted by society. you will not lose the battle your strength lays within the love you gave out.
    The rainbows are your sign and I know that despite its beauty or it stands as your beacon of hope

    your light bearer I thank you for always looking out for me
    I respect you
    I appreciate you
    always and forever
    No matter the distance or lack of contact
    you are loved forever

    Ad vim demonstrat quaestionem Wildflower his qui vincti sunt ad placitum fit ... Ego opinionem de te quod non feci ita propter hoc quod generation