• himayan_writes 6w

    Standing in the Winter Rain!

    Disembodied state of existence!
    Mellow wailing from the farthest end!
    The half empty soul,
    Aches to be whole!
    While the broken heart,
    Searches for it's missing part!
    What did you gain? What did you lose?
    Did it hurt? Did you bruise?
    How much did you leave behind?
    How long before you lose your mind?
    The wounded should call out for help!
    But you would rather heal yourself!
    Or does this pain get you high?
    Do you even want to try?
    Words have lost their effect on you!
    Are you fond of your numbing senses too?
    They say if you really hate the winter rain,
    Remember, soon it will be summer again!
    But that petrichor doesn't remind you of the sunshine!
    It's the scent of a fake "I'm fine."