• sahilanigar 5w

    Me and you always together
    the wish made by a feather
    I love you till the moon and beyond
    I hope you never break this bond
    missed you last night badly
    and slept very sadly
    I know you might take this as dealing
    but these are the feelings I'm revealing
    you got on my nerves like pyridine
    and don't ever forget to take the medicines
    my wishes are that you get well soon
    my meeting you was not less than a boon
    the thing I dreamt my whole teen
    was fulfilled on February thirteen
    recalling those days makes me smile
    when I had a glimpse of you for a while
    the fate is wrong but we're right
    and now I wanna have your sight
    I hope we stay together
    for now and forever
    Love is like a bear, and bears are rare
    I love you and you please take care