• nyctophiliacnivs 9w

    Life before That

    And what about
    Life before that
    Before taking the leap
    Before trusting self
    Another time
    Before wanting to play it again
    Before dreaming one more dream.

    It was one more dream
    It made me to fight
    Not to get attached
    To know you can lose out all
    And again get back
    The broken pieces are also me
    The new put up
    Is also me
    The new faces
    Hell of new stories

    Not been there
    Never done a lot of it
    Might never do a lot of it
    The wishes are mushy
    You can almost feel it
    With a deep breath and
    Cuddling self

    Never before or after
    Never was or would be
    Reality is the best illusion
    It's just about the flick