• medusas_child 11w


    It's getting to be to painful,
    To live in this body to much longer.

    I don't know why I try,
    Why I keep fighting for,
    Dreams I'll never get.

    Love, happiness, family, friendship, forgiveness.
    I work twice as hard to only gain one moment.
    Instead of a lifetime.

    I am a sufferer of mental illness,
    and I am being punished for it.
    A cage I can't escape and no one is even willing or offering to rescue me.

    I'm just a face,
    Porcelain and hollow.
    My mind is the shadow in the way.
    The only thing that matters to some is my perfect smiling face.
    That I fake every fucking day.

    Oh but to some it's too much I am crazy,
    I am psycho yadda, yadda.
    Look past my qualities,
    Easily forgotten because,
    It got overshadowed by my wounded story.

    Someone once told me" I don't care about your past."
    If that's true?
    Where are you at?