• ogechukwunorris 6w


    Full of hollowness and nothingness
    My life sits in this empty place
    Laddened with the burden of Guilt
    Reminiscing on the bitter memories of my nasty past
    So bitter are my memories, my heart bleeds to the thought of guilt
    Poisoned from the curse that runs deep within my veins.

    Guilt is to my spirit, what pain is to my body
    So difficult it is for me to betray my guilt with my looks
    The river of my emotions has burst it's banks
    And my guilt gone over the edges of control
    Too sacred am I to dig deeper into myself
    There's no rush to unpack my inside, nothing special about my depression.
    I am tired only with the tiredness that comes with guilt
    My guilt is unforgettable, my conscience still knows of it.

    Guilt you are a venom
    Worse than slow poison
    Haunting the guilt every moment
    The world believes me to be right
    But the guilt within recalls
    All the lies told
    All the love sold
    All the friends betrayed
    All the monsters portaryed

    This feeling of guilt, a destructive and ultimately pointless emotion
    This feeling is a burden, though mine deserved
    It's no way I want to feel
    It's no place I want to be
    This feeling of guilt
    How did I get here?