• adamya 11w

    Not scared to lose anyone now..
    Who's left anyway ?

    The stars are with me ..
    They talk to me every night ...
    The stars are the best company
    All I want to be is a star..

    Every problem has one answer :
    You'll be a star one day .
    No matter what happens in life
    You will be a star one day

    Shining in your own little emptiness
    Then maybe I'll help some hopeless soul like me
    A soul who'll look at the sky at 3 am
    Looking at me and hoping he was a star ..

    An ocean of stars ..
    That's where I wanna drown..
    Become a star myself
    I hope my light will give someone more hope when he looks up...

    STARS ...
    Perfect little circles of nothingness and hope...