• singh_krishna_manit 6w

    I have no expectations from life right now
    I can feel what anxiety called
    Perplexed and scared all the time
    My life is tangled in the dark
    I regret everything
    Company was the reason but more was mine

    My hopeless heart tripping over every everything
    I have seen every darkside now
    I am in pain and lost
    I can't see light of hope
    I feel so low but disagree to bow

    Fake smiles, Fake joy
    Fakeness in everything
    Crying out in the night sky
    Talking to stars and moon
    AtLeast they listen
    And don't complains

    Feels like drowning in deep shallow sea
    Is there anyone to grab me in arms to tell me that i am not lonely?
    I feel so lonely in this crowded place
    Trying to get out of everything
    My soul, My body , My mind ,everything

    My eyes bleed
    My body is out of blood
    I cried it all
    Body is growing cold
    And My soul is shrinking
    Nothing is left to do.
    So,Why i am even breathing?
    I dont even know

    My eyes though burnt salt (brown eyes)
    But they speak a lot
    Soaked by water often
    Ocean lies there.