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    Poor kid around streets,
    Rich brat of famous School,
    College going girl
    Or a wife of the Household world
    Everyone has the scared thought of it, What?

    Is it fine to suffer once
    Okay again after one, the torturer says
    They feel it's a privilege to let someone
    Drench into their feet and deprive them to imitate
    but in a way that somehow uncomfortable to him/her...

    Stress, anxiety, nightmares, loneliness and felt misunderstood, Feelings that wholly tear apart one soul suffering the torment of psych abuser.

    Scared for life, something went wrong if they told everyone they witnessed the happening, the one who fears to standout in the order they don't have to suffer it like the victim had or having.

    Baffled, taunting, disagree to facts, somewhere lack In order to befriend to little ones, the victim's parents that often curse their upbringing saying you should have done it whatever they told you to...
    This child always puts me into trouble, always told to serve what you said to...

    Just of one terrifying act, everyone has to suffer yeah even the one that torture, he or she has to suffer too by hearing the awful saying of people even the victim who is not cursing him/her for doing what they did to them but somewhere asking for justice which will eat the harassers every peace or assure belief which he/she thinks that's a way to let everyone know,
    They are superior and no one can do anything wrong with their character because money can buy anything like anything...
    But will they find peace in doing it not at all, the victim will suffer but they will also suffer from the injustice they do to someone for their fun.

    One confesses the truth,
    Frightened with the consequences
    Still gathered the courage
    To stop the outrage
    Of Torture and Abuse
    Someone she knows
    During childhood he/she
    Did something wrong
    that mom dad used to teach
    Stay away from who approach
    I was little to understand
    but soon learned when they wholly approached
    Which made me uncomfortable and agonizing
    Ran for help no one was ready to do
    Right now it happened with me
    Stop it until it approaches you...

    This is not the play game
    Where winning and losing give or steals the fame
    but the cruel truth which will tear every letter of the name
    Here abuse starts and ends to the death straight.
    Understood the one who has suffered pain
    listen to their tore voice and help them resuscitate
    Don't avoid the little things, these are the clue to
    bothers of many going through the same vitriol
    in the world, a place called another.

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    Stop this outrage of vitriol until it approaches and deteriorates the innocence of others.