• jayyverma 10w

    We fall in love with people, not
    Remember how when we were younger, we used to
    have these 'gay' jokes? The moment a male friend
    does something stereotyped feminine, (say cry, wear
    a pink shirt, watched a romcom, liked a boyband)
    we'd immediately say That's so gay'. Yes, THAT used
    to be funny.The sociey has always policed legitimate
    procreative heterosexual relationships. Any sexual
    identity that threatens the social order by causing
    turbulence in its nucleus, the patriarchal family, is
    considered sinful. So we all believed that 'gay was
    something unnatural, offensive, and unacceptable.
    Unfortunately, some of us still have that joke, don't
    we? The Indian society has been extremely cruel to
    anybody who even thought of non heterosexual
    relationships, so much so that people had to
    suppress themselves and live as they were told. This
    is an apology to the non heterosexual community.
    Sexuality is beautiful, and is an entirety personal
    choice. I hope this nation is better to you today than it
    was yesterday. And they will be, when they see that
    we fall in love with people, not genders.
    (Inspired by Magritte's The Lovers)

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