• mansuuu 30w

    You make her regret
    Being born as a girl.
    You make her feel
    Like a piece of dirt.
    You traumatized her soul,
    You feared her birth,
    Breaking each bone,
    You gave her what no one deserves.

    A flower so small,
    That was yet to bloom.
    You kept her silent,
    You kept her doomed.
    You quenched your thirst
    Hiding behind a religion,
    No less than evil,
    You failed as a human.

    Shame on people,
    Shame on those men.
    Remember, we aren't toys,
    To play and lend.
    We too are humans,
    We have the right to live.
    Safe, happy and with love,
    Please don't kill us while we breath still.

    #WeAreTogether #JusticeForAsifa
    #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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