• feelful 10w

    "Yes I stopped By, to click A Rare Genuine selfie.
    Selfish can't be bad, Everywhere it is, Everyone has it.
    Some Feel Some See.
    That Has been the daily routine.
    Take out the scooty, plug in my earphones,
    Resume my playlist and follow and ride on the same journey each day. A journey inside as well as outside, as it seems.
    The journey between the artificial roads, with nature by my side and inside of me as well.
    I have with me the clouds, the trees and their smells,
    the air, the once in a while free flying insects and so many, natural feels. So definitely not a solo ride.
    Random thoughts, Random Discovery, Random Expression,
    making me as ownself i can be.
    But the same journey doesn't bore me, feels like i am yet to feel it's each bit. The more u know a feel, the further away it goes, so that u can feel even more Deeper."