• whitethorn 10w

    Trigger warning: this is about heroin.
    I've never done it, but I have some insight through friends I've known.

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    It's the smell
    Of the railroad tracks
    Just after a freight train
    Speeds through.
    It's the jolt of adrenaline
    Just after
    You swerve your car away
    From drifting
    Off that white line
    And plunging off that guardrail
    Into open space.
    Just before
    You plunge the needle
    Into your arm,
    Do you see the shade of the sky
    This morning,
    Or the golds
    And purples
    And oranges
    Of the flowers
    You saw on the hillside?
    Just before the thunder
    Mixes with your blood,
    Does nature's beauty
    Try to call you back?