• phoenixrising 6w

    Power corrupts

    We have heard about Kings and queens. How a king would have many consorts. How their lives were lavish and they had everything they wish for.
    I think about a life like that. Don't you think a peasant or a soldier is far more happy then this king. He is not loyal to anyone. No body can ever be satisfied from lust, he will always find new people to toy with but no amount of money, power, wealth or women can satisfy him. As the king's get older they start fearing their own kin, their own blood, even their own children.
    A normal man on the other hand work hard for those he loves. He usually is loyal to his consort, he wants his children to grow big and strong, he loved his kins, his feilds, his animals. As he gets older the bond with his family grow stronger, his children gets big and share his burdens. Whatever they earn they happily share.
    Power comes at a cost, lust never serves weather it is lust for money, power or bodily pleasures. People running after material things, never understand the happiness of peace, love and friendship. That's what one should strive for.