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    First Love lats forever
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    2099, 9:00 P.m.
    "Tell me a story Grandpa" Misha asked
    *She always wants me to tell a story at night
    "I still remember that day. After winning the cricket match our coach invited us to dinner for a sucess party. While everyone's eyes were on fried fish I couldn't take my eyes off Sahasra. She is our coach daughter and the most beautiful girl I have ever met. After a week I decided to propose her with a song. But my friends said it was a risk because I was a avarage looking boy and if she rejects me i couldn't take it. But she proved my friends wrong. I turned out 100 this year and I couldn't have come this far without my Saha. And what can i say, i was lucky to find her. I still sing her the song everyday just to let her know i still feel the same way when I first saw her"
    Misha started snoring and looking at the sky I started singing the song for my Saha, who was looking at me from the stars