• anshi_ka_singh 10w

    Do not lose the good friend you once were,
    The god is with you.
    What if you call the person your Best friend in 8th standard is no longer with you.
    You still share your things with people what if it's not tiffin. So what if you chose formal letters over informal because you were out of name while writing the dear best friend letter And anyway life is all about formal letters.
    Once you get over it, you'll never have to call someone your best friend again and still, they'll be the friend you ever needed.
    Do not lose the lover you once were,
    Your mother is with you.
    What if the person you thought loves you unconditionally does not.
    You still have people who never left you to lurch
    So what if you were never good enough for him/her and your efforts were zero to them And anyway you cannot water dead flower and expect them to bloom.
    Once you get over it, someday someone will put their happiness aside just to make you happy and you never have to beg them for their stay with you.
    Do not lose the childlike person you once were,
    Your memories are with you.
    What if your parents are not.
    They are still together on your face.
    So what if you miss their presence And anyway nobody will stay forever with you.
    Once you get over it, someday when you start your family you'll still miss your parent's presence but with a tear of joy.
    And out of everything
    Do not lose YOURSELF,
    You are with YOU.
    Anything, Anytime you ever need is just inside you.
    Your life isn't different.
    Life is LIFE, it's never fair with anyone.
    But what makes you different is how you handle it.
    All you need to find is the friend, the lover, the kid inside you.
    What u need to do is to just read between the lines which means *IT IS ONLY YOU WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS YOU*

    ©Anshika Singh