• jane_somto 5w


    Why birth her to suffer?
    Why make her regret ever existing?
    Why make her feel unloved?
    Why make her feel she is the reason for your misfortune?

    You are supposed to be her mother
    The very one she runs to when many turn their back on her.
    Rather she runs to people 'cos you turned your back on her.

    You have made your poor child vulnerable
    And depression her only comfort zone.
    You have made your daughter powerless and helpless as though she has no one whereas she has you.

    I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of fighting, I'm tired of trying to make you see reasons why you should love me.

    At a point, I was all you prayed for
    But now, I seem to be all you hate.

    I didn't ask for you to birth me, but you did anyways.
    I deserve to be loved too.