• joemyermuwe 6w


    I have led a life of caring about what others
    Say ,but I have forgotten myself
    I loved to make another person happy
    I laughed to make another person happy
    I made oaths to make people proud of me
    I made tough decisions to make others proud of me.

    But till when should I make others happy
    When I cry in their absence and pretend that everything is fine
    My behaviour that everyone thought was not standard changed and they mummer"There goes the once stubborn boy"

    Not anymore will I have to love, laugh,promise to make you happy.
    If you think am a disgrace to you
    Then let me free like a wild bird
    Let me spread my wings to fly

    I should spread my wings and fly
    To the East to learn how to hate
    To the West to learn how to be sarcastic
    To the North to learn that promises don't matter
    And to the South to discover myself