• celorablair 9w


    Tonight, let's watch the world fade
    Hold me and forget
    Everything worrying you
    Reality - let's take a break from it

    Enjoying the moment
    And the feeling of your hand
    Resting in mine
    Earnestly feeling you understand

    Talk to me and remember
    How we truly feel
    I'll remember eternally
    Nothing ever felt so real

    Get lost in conversation
    Stay until we're found
    I'll find who you truly are
    We'll still stay here safe and sound

    And I used to feel so cold
    Now you keep me warm
    Talking slowly
    Until the right words form

    Or we can lay in near silence
    Softly whispering your name
    And I used to be so cold -
    You set my heart aflame

    Tonight, let's watch the world fade
    Or watch ours take shape instead
    Your hand resting in mine
    Our whole lives ahead
    Unified by all the words we ever said