• misskita 6w

    The wake up dream...zzz

    You say all black women are poison but suck one who breast feed.They say man love chocolate women will they have a funny way to show it. My black is going for the bedroom but not walk among like the queen I'm. People like a mesquite bite the feed on you when the need and quick bit. I'm bless as God can move me as black man kill where plan a women seed to died and kill me. Go to the hospital hope the brand aid will cover every broke thing. When a period is just period is just a mark the women territory but the white will yell and say the Blackman rape us all hail the one who look and say we all bottle same lies that laid in the a man might like a black women figure but they still go after the white one. The only different between me and you is our skin color. They say the curve the hips the hair and lips just a lighter color. Get a black women pregnancy and leave, pay the child support to just believer her. Life play a black women two time, one , by a skin and body.

    Everyone might be super women. But don't let a man kill me to give a white women my crown, that I'm the original queen. I'm thick as chocolate can be but that don't not bring to a limit I see. Is my nappy hair is not long and soft either. Is my skin tone not dark ,to bright match a milk color history of blood. Is my sister all baby go seen me for like color purple say all my Iife i fight, my life for who stand right of me. But yet again I rise with the happiness on my chest the figure of a stranger stear.Different between me and a tree, I move and you just sit there and not move.