• vampirequeen120 10w

    Why do you try to be a hero
    You say you dont believe in society yet you try to hard to fit in!
    Time really dose change us either for the better or for the worst, and yet we are still confused

    You daydream of the possibilites and things that can never be made without sheer luck
    I daydream of the future and what I want to do with life, and what I have to do to get that done

    You say you want to be a wrestler and a rapper but you have yet to go out and try
    I say I want to be a photographer and a mother and I was so close and I'm the "crazy one"

    Why do you still stay with me even tho I know you are tired of me nagging
    Why do you try to hard to impress me when all I want it you to listen without giving your opinion.
    I want to hold hands and walk down a street like in the movies

    Call me your princess and show me how much you care.
    I want you to have realistic dreams and goals
    I want to live my life with you

    That's all I want but all I cant say to your face without hearing a lecture about how you arnt like that and you wont be like that....I know your not like that

    I just with you could be like that for ME! #diary #nature #life #poetry #thoughts #inspiration #diary #thoughts #inspiration #poetry #life #nature #love

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    Things I won't say to your face