• tonyboat 9w


    When are you getting married? When are you getting pregnant? It's been a while I saw a current pics, are u pregnant? When are you giving us a boy/girl? When are you getting a job? You should own a land/house/car by now? Yes some silly questions people in our society ask. The same people we call friends and family. They ask questions they know you can't answer. Some actually ask you these questions just to remind you of your pain so that you never become happy. These questions normally come from people who feel they have made it in life. Society is gradually making certain things compulsory in life which is very bad. Some of you married women are not close to your single friends bcos you feel you are better than them now. You got pregnant few weeks/months after marriage so you feel you are better and luckier than the other woman who's been married for several years without a child. You got a job right after school so your mates