• director_aries 9w

    "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"

    Yeah. I guess its okay.
    We can all have hope
    Hope for a new tomorrow.
    Hope that Yesterday didn't even happen.
    That your father didn't call you that name earlier
    Or that your mother just lost her job.
    We can all have hope for a better life
    But it's probably not going to get here.
    My teacher told me I was trying too hard
    To impress these people
    When all I have to do is fight
    For what I am and how I'm treated.
    But it's useless
    These adults don't know how hard it is
    For kids these days.
    Last generation focused on war
    But now that war is over
    We focus on drugs and sex.
    We focus on trends that won't exist
    In the next week.
    I guess its okay.
    We can all have hope.
    I know I do.
    But that doesn't mean a better life is coming
    Anytime soon