• ajaykrsingh123 5w

    I am I

    I am I
    and you are you,
    I don't pray or party
    as you do.

    Although people like us
    are very few,
    We sail the ship
    He decides the crew.

    End is certain
    for the morning dew,
    Just or unjust
    is just a point of view,

    Puzzles can be solved
    with a mere clue,
    Ultimate focus helps
    us to see the new.

    Variety exists even though
    we sat on the same pew,
    Quench your quest
    and search what is true.

    In every relationship
    trust is the glue.
    You be one even if
    people count you two.

    Life is tough at times
    not always blue,
    Live to the fullest
    and remain in your hue.