• maskedpoetry 24w

    Only if it was a Routine

    I've felt a terror since the public era began.
    My nephew barely learned about Stan.
    Smoking was my daily routine.
    It's been called lazy routine.
    I used to have the temper of a king.
    And the robe with my honey Queen Bee.
    Now I got the Gat in my backpack.
    I used to want lounge back.
    Have a sick Gat.
    All my honeys want to chat.
    But I don't even have the name.
    If I'll ever have fame?
    If I gotta carry my Gat?
    If not, I hope I don't get shot.
    Only if you don't wear a vest .
    People think you're righteous.
    Not with a tight dress.
    But with a nice dress.
    Wear some nice suit with some nice shoes.
    And make sure you carry your .22.
    I really wish I had a crew.
    Seen my girl with a few.
    Came up to me asking for beef.
    Only if she knew I had two .22's in my shoes.
    I really wish they hadn't hollered,
    But to get gain a few .
    We gotta kill a couple two, three or i'll just go for twenty.
    Only if you could kill me too.
    I'm not the West Coast or the East.
    I can't represent.
    The north has too much pourin'
    But the south is where all my Queens have the mouth.
    Where people are scared .
    They just saw me wear a ring.
    I don't even know why he went off running.
    There's always a change
    and theres always 1 way.
    How further will I make it barely 16?