• mukktaa 22w

    •Have you ever waited for someone you fell in love with ?
    •Have you spent hours digging into your memory trying to find the happiest of memories with that one person ?
    •Have you cried to sleep thinking about that one person ?
    •Have you ever thought of telling that person what he/she means to you ?
    •Have you ever hated yourself for feeling the way you've felt ?
    •Have you tried to divert your thoughts purposely so you wouldn't think of him/her ?
    •Have you given your all and got nothing in return?
    •Have you hoped that the love of your life would come back to you in the end?
    •Have you lost your way, your path, where you cannot see your future clearly ?

    Just remember, if you've been through anything, you have to power to go through much more.
    Time heals everything. Be patient, you will be over it.