• little_miss_rebel 5w

    I shook hands with the Devil

    Wandering in the meadows one day ;
    I came across a subtle sign and it had something to say .

    'Welcome to hell'  big , bold letters in red;
    They managed to slow me down in my doubtful tread.

    Pushes in the backward direction , an invisible force was against me ;
    Something I strongly felt but couldn't see.

    Again and again and again. I could feel it halting me ;
    And it was then that I noticed someone standing by the tree.

    Walked to him and extended my hand for a courteous shake ;
    He was red as the blood flowing in my veins but I kept my cool for the journey's sake.

    Trudged along with him onto the thorny path ;
    Took a deep breath and said ' What do you think of this peculiar art?'.

    Laughter echoed in my ears before hid cold voice finally freezed me in my tracks ;
    He turned to me ane delivered his words with subtle cracks.

    'Come so far. haven't you? But will you embrace the thorns on your feet to walk further into the field?' ;
    His words hit me hard, hard enough to get me back in track and I walked ahead , my pace oh so fast and my mind ready to wield.

    Walked further and further into the dark woods ,Embracing my fears , my doubts and the devil too;
    In the end,Only to find myself basked in light , smile on my face , happiness instead of fright ;
    And that moment felt too good to be true.

    Looked behind myself , the figure still there. but now so Faint I could barely see it . 

    I shook hands with the devil, embraced my fears and that has helped me reach till here.
    ∴ ════ ∴ ❈ ∴ ════ ∴

    I would really like to know how you guys perceive the poem to be about and what you think of it. Thank you for reading .