• iloveyousomuch 23w


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    I have a very particular gift,
    I can hear these voices in my head..
    So like, if i talk to you,
    Then i hear about you.. (((creepy)))
    And if i dont know you, then im afraid..!!
    i wont reveal that secret.. (((spooky)))
    But then there are times,
    I have 3 of us speaking to and with me..
    Me, He and She.. as you see im a Gemini..!!
    Rumour is, ive got it, when i went fishing at the great lake..
    I caught nothing, but the lake was beautiful..
    So i jump in, its the chilliest water that has ever touched me..
    I come out of the lake and into my boat, Shivering, and a voice says youre it..!!