• vanderkerrith 6w

    She needs to be treated differently from family,always.

    This statement may be unfair to us men but please understand my words.

    Alot of faithful family men who work their hardest every to make sure there's food on the table and make ends meet to support his family,sometime he has a part time job to help do so.

    He may even get help from his wife or spouse in doing so as she is an additional helper of income which comes in the house.

    From all what I said I just want to make it clear to all men that:

    " Even though a man may have his family and supports it even though his wife is part of the family,she needs to be treated differently or separate from family to continue to be distracted by you and you have to give he all her needed attention".

    As much as you have her as wife and you may be tired from working all these jobs to make your family comfortable,she may lose interest in you because you are always busy and tired for her.

    This can easily make her complaints become public and then someone will try to console her and somehow fill your spot.

    I'm not saying that she is right to be unfaithful but a woman is an emotional being and needs her man always and his attention mostly...this you cannot bargain..no matter if is family you are supporting. She has to be treated differently and always special and attained.