• wingsofanangel 23w

    Radical Natural Change

    As you'll notice all around you. First the seed is planted into the earth, it takes time to grow into a beautiful tree or flower, it gets taller each day, more fruitful if gaining the proper nutrients, it blooms and is ready to continue on the cycle of life.
    Nothing remains in the end, if it still remains it is not yet the end. This is just the same with us human beings. There must be a radical natural change within our lives, whether big or small, good or bad, whether influential or unknowingly. There is a change. A natural radical change. We were formed inside the wombs first, the foetus grew into a full term child, the gestation period.
    The child grows, its organs develops to assist life on earth. This miserable earth. It doesn't remain undeveloped and inside the mother's womb forever; when that child is born it is the end of the pregnancy....if there is no change, it is not yet the end!
    This is such with the human nature of life. We don't remain loving unicorns or playing in the mud forever. When we grow up we'll find a lot of grown up things interesting....we can't remain so childish and stupid forever. One day we must wake up, we must grow old, we must loose some friends, we must gain some more, we must accept that life is a radical natural change. So if someone stops associating with you or has stopped doing or saying certain stuff, they haven't changed, they're just evolving from one pace to a next pace.
    We are living natural creatures so we have to change