• aastha1118 6w

    A normal human being..
    A homo sapien
    Having some thoughts.. some wishes..☺️
    ('You' is a person living may be on earth��, somewhere I don't know ,, I'm not aware. For whom I am waiting since years and will wait till the sun's brightness fades away. Till the water of sea becomes thirsty till.. the earth starts revolving around moon.. and till the END!)

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    This is almost 18 years on earth.. & I'm still unable to find uh. I know you are!
    The one who will match the frequency of mine.. my every vibe would match to yours, the level of sarcasm which would attract me.. the smile which would make my day & the one for whom I'll rise in love again & again.. the one who'll understand before saying. yes 'you'! You is the one! The one, who will always support, talking to whom will never make me bored. The one, to whom I'll be so excited to meet. The one, without whom I'll be no-one & with whom I'll be complete.The one who would never think of traiting me ever..
    I hope to find you soon, soon in one or two years.. soon, before there's wrinkle on my face & pimple on my age... Come soon, I'm waiting!