• polychrome 23w


    All it takes
    Is a single flutter of your soft lashes,
    A gentle caress from your loving hands,
    A placating kiss from your pillow lips,
    For me to simply dissolve
    Into your waiting arms.

    They told me about you,
    Warned me away from your tender gaze
    But the allure of your voice,
    Smooth as honey,
    Calming as ocean waves,
    Was too much for me to fight.

    Now I am trapped,
    A prisoner of my own choices,
    With no way to escape
    From my self-imposed hell.

    And as I lay here,
    On the cold bathroom floor,
    Unable to regain control
    Of my own body,
    I can't help but think of you
    One last time,
    Even as you coax my life to end.