• themuddledchick 22w


    In the night when the stars shine bright,
    When the moon lights your world and you go to sleep, Take two minutes time, and thank god, for your comfortable sleep, Because there is a home, where a streamstress works all night stitching clothes for others when she has only two pairs to wear, that you ate good food, coz there is a family who is sleeping on an empty stomach again tonight, when you sleep comfortably on your mattress, be thankful, coz there are people who sleep on footpaths with kids by their side, when you sleep under fans and with A/Cs switched on, say thanks to the god, because there are people who have no power supply. When you are able to take a cab to your office, you should be thankful, coz there are people who walk miles,when you are able to live your dreams, thank the god, because many of us cannot even dare to dream, when you have a happy family, you should be thankful coz there are children who endure the pangs of broken family, say thanks for a healthy life, coz people out there suffer deadliest diseases , say thanks to God, when you are able to see the faces of your loved ones daily, because a family lost it's member today. be thankful, be grateful for what you have coz,

    -the muddled chick