• hiroshikesh 20w

    Better world.

    We are spending billions of dollars in some unnecessary researches and development of some things just because we are curious or in the name of basic needs. (Not going to mention a list of those things as it might offend some. ) We lived and still can live without those things. Some are living without it. But is it really important? Is it more important than finding a cure for Cancer? More important than establishing proper medical centers? More important than avoiding armed conflicts? More important than eradicating poverty and illiteracy? Im not going to complain or blame anyone and political parties. Its not just the governments' duty to solve the issues we face and work for the development of the world, but a duty for all of us. If we keep all the hate aside and work for a better world, we can do it.

    I hope I'm not offending anyone with my thoughts. If I am, I apologize. Peace. ✌