• sillyoldsoul_1111 9w

    Just because I'm different doesn't mean you have to pity me for not fitting in. Just because I have depression, anxiety or I'm temporarily broken doesn't mean I'll never be able to heal from it. No, I'm quite human and so is it to face these emotions, you don't have to sympathise or feel wired about me. I'm might not be fine at the moment but honestly I'm not unhappy either. Happiness for me is not superficial where I feel the need to be excited all the time, with that huge wide smile stuck on my face all the time. I'm enjoying my time being still and content. My emotions are deep but it's more of a uniform, stable dept rather superficial expression of happiness. I might be sad and happy at the same time. And that's perfectly human and fine. I don't feel the need to always be excited about things because I have seen enough life and I'm content with whatever is coming my way. It doesn't mean I cannot be excited. I can, I can be amazed, amused, excited but the expression of these feelings is still content and still. But I feel them. I feel them deeply. And I have absolutely no regrets being this way. No, there's nothing wrong with me!!