• enigma_writes 5w

    What I want

    I want to feel your lips on mine
    With you laying atop me
    Hard against soft,such sharp contrast
    A heady combination, driving me wild and crazy into oblivion
    I want you in,deep like you're searching for the keys to my dark soul
    I want to hear your raspy out of breath voice scrape against my eardrums
    I want you whispering sweet nothings while I writhe underneath you
    I want you to make me touch the clouds while falling off the cliff of normalcy
    I want to make you mine, consummating your whole being
    I want to mark my territory on your skin with my tongue, tasting every fucking inch of you
    I want to gulp you greedily like it's going to be my last
    I want your eyes rolling back while you see nothing but the image of me on my knees
    I want you,all of you,wholly as it is