• penletting 5w

    where the world ends.

    along the walls of the Northern fortress,
    where the seam fades into cosmic dust;
    I long to see you under the clouds,
    where the world ends into ruin's crust.

    where men's honor and regrets are littered,
    scattered as numerous as the stars above;
    I long to share with you, the tales of yon -
    where the world ends in the recounter's show!

    where the vines of vile deeds creep and grow,
    from ashes of the dead to flowers of morrow;
    I long to take the intoxication in,
    where the world ends in memories and sorrow!

    across the horizon that is blue and bright,
    where the twilight, soon, spears her carmine;
    I long to steal a glimpse of your leave,
    where the world ends in the lone dreams of mine!

    - Lakshmi Kanthan Muralikrishnan.