• chuxun 10w


    Loneliness isn't all about staying alone in the room or being cooped up alone on a Friday night (Friday night is a bomb to some). Loneliness sometimes is being with people and with conversations going on but you just sit and look around.
    Loneliness is looking at the ceiling of your room without thinking of anything in particular and before you know it, a tear escape and you just let it fall, after the whole thing you ask yourself 'hey' what was that tears for? and unfortunately there's nothing to point out to.
    Loneliness is listening to superduper sad song just to have a good cry because it's like everyone has forgotten about your existence and they party and all but you're there in your room just looking at the stars at night and making ninja moves with your fingers (weird).
    Loneliness is your best friend because people tend to keep appearing when u don't want them to so keep to yourself and imagine things and also see things which are not real and never will be.
    Loneliness is planning a cool day out at the beach because you feel you wanna let out some steam but u cancel the whole plan just to stay in your room without doing anything but you staring into space and thinking too hard on things.
    Loneliness is a badass which no one likes but end up embrassing.