• rustling_sprouts 45w

    The valentine's Day is just around the corner, where some of you have sweet plans of surprising your loved ones, there might be a bunch of you estranged from people you once loved, and it will be a heartache this day .
    Somewhere I read something which I'll share with you,
    " There comes a time when you have to decide whether to turn the leaf of the book, or turn off the book."
    Before finding your the perfect one , you'll have hundreds who'll cross your way , but for the correct one to fit in you'll have to first empty up a space.
    Gear yourself up, collect all that is clustered and broken in you, pug oneself first,love yourself.
    For me this year , I'll be gifting myself roses and hearts , cards and chocolates as before loving someone else I have learned to love my self prior.
    You do it too, in your own beautiful manner,look up at the mirror , dear ladies and yes a bunch of you handsome , heartfelt boys cheerio! Who left you were never yours, who are yours will never leave you.
    Celebrate yourself these days , celebrate your beauty and that little precious heart.

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    Not the gigantic actions, but
    The little emotions spilled with grand love
    Not the flutter flattery words
    But drizzles of soothing whispers
    Oh boy! Don't take that lady to be the one who stays for the lust of your world
    But the modest and humblest of all, who asks nothing but fraction time out of your glitter world.