• zetolgam 6w

    A short #bicuriosity story, the first verse and a half facts and the rest fiction. I trust the curiosity was shared. No love but this desire of trying something new. It was likely the best and only opportunity I'll have had to experience sex with another man ¯_(ツ)_/¯ #adult #nsfw #explicit #gay #lgbtq

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    Unexpected curiosity

    An early house call before a long drive,
    Dropping a disk with some porn
    My eyes caught by a horn
    This morning very alive

    Noticing what got my attention,
    In your pyjamas a temptation
    A wink for confirmation,
    A gentle prehension

    My head bursting with feelings,
    My hand stroking you firmly
    On knees facing your sting,
    Swallowing it with envy

    On all fours taking you deeply,
    I see my bouncing scrotum
    Filling me with your cum,
    Taking my ass virginity