• eauxmygod 6w

    I know it's so hard to stay with me
    I know i deserve all of it
    This chaos , this misery
    This pain , this ache

    I feel exhausted
    I feel tired
    I wanna get home
    I want someone to be my home

    I want it to last forever
    I want it like Disney
    What I'm supposed to do
    With this storm in my head

    This will swallow me
    Or I'll get lost again
    Won't you come and save me
    Won't you come and hold me

    I want love that last forever
    I want someone to hold me
    I want to be special
    I want to be someone

    I'm trying to be enough
    But trying is not enough
    I feel so lost
    Won't you come and save me?

    Wouldn't mind if car will hit me
    Wouldn't mind if i draw on my skin
    Wouldn't mind if I won't breath
    Wouldn't mind if i will end it all

    Disclaimer : i do not promote self harm
    Ignore it anyways

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