• jeelpatel 10w

    Prophylactic herbs

    Metal bright, yellow tinged sun, over roof
    Banged up uncharted patterns, of,
    Weariness stirred with morphine, on bedsheet
    Golden crust of hope on blistered spines
    Put toes on tiles, trembled heels get pillars
    Killed hummingbirds in backyard, last night
    Spray elixir of survival, on half-dead, at dawn

    Again, disasters wait for you, out-of-doors
    No cannon call on cracked cellphone
    For, terror demands vagabond heads, often
    Sealed cassettes, sign of warmth, in heart
    Well equipped you, tactics in wild mind
    Salt-squares sprinkle on jagged wounds
    For, toungueless pain digs itself till bottom

    Insubordinate seasons, fruitless, non fertile
    You pierce through weather, barefeet
    Lean against old mossed tree of experiences
    Breathe bricks of uncertain circumstances
    No borders, to stop, or, to begin: pause
    Highways seem empty, crowded you drive
    One more time, to find way to destination

    Number of pontifications, on art of living
    Lessons on lips, outcomes on cyanosed skin
    All you find absorbed, in blunt strokes
    For, life is an experiment, not imprinted theory
    Dance in denim on days of weak knees
    Put scent of efforts around collarbones, tired
    For, you won't give up, till sky will give you up