• poetic_culture 5w


    Did you hear the rumors being spread?
    Or maybe it’s just the voices inside my head
    Do you ever regret the things you said?
    Maybe it’s just the misinformation you’re being fed.
    You could have just asked me to figure it out
    Instead of running away with answers full of doubt
    I wasn’t hurt, just caught off guard
    Trying to cope through this felt too hard
    All the screenshots and read receipts
    You can’t even try hard enough to be discreet
    And yet, you kept on going
    Unraveling all the things you see as wrongdoings
    Complaining about the blacks in the community
    And not being able to accept differences within your family
    Tell me once more about how annoying I am
    Maybe hearing it again will make me give a damn
    You let that care for you stuff get to your head
    You didn’t bother to listen to anything else that I said
    Or maybe it was when you said I didn’t have a chance
    To help someone out of a bad romance
    Maybe the part about how the environment around me was toxic
    Nah, it’s the part where you were throwing blame to see if it’d stick
    I handled some conversations wrong I’ll own up to that
    Every choice here was made with full intention of not turning back
    I don’t feel betrayed cause I stopped trusting to that extent
    Just skip over my name when you need to text to vent
    I think I’ll stick to myself for the time being
    Cause all of these words don’t really mean a thing
    You never once asked me how it is I felt
    I guess I was just playing your game with cards I was dealt
    But now that I realize it, I turned and continued to walk
    Never looking back,
    I still heard your voice,
    I just couldn’t do it anymore,
    I let my actions speak for me
    I was just done with the talk...