• allenemmanuelbinny_ 6w

    Where it’s all attracted

    Like the beauty of the Himalayan hills,
    With peace in people’s hearts it fills,
    The carbon always allures,
    Those negative species which sores,
    All due to the tendency of Oxygen,
    To pull those electrons to its master.

    This is what the core is,
    Like the heavenly bliss of nature,
    For Uttrakhand’s feature,
    For those that we call Nucleophiles,
    And their reactions with carbon’s allies.

    But why for the same,
    Do they differently behave?
    Well with burdens of the world,
    Would we enjoy the beauty of Mussoorie,
    Or inner peace in Rishikesh?
    And so do they find it difficult,
    To attract new species,
    When they already have their burdens,
    Their steric hindrances.

    And sometimes they react briskly,
    As swift as the Ganges,
    Cause they contain those deficiencies,
    Like the ones they had,
    Before Uttrakhand filled them all.

    So all the negativity,
    Is attracted to thee,
    To add a few,
    And subtract even more.