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    Pen, Paper and Poet

    Everyone's a poet, everyone's a writer
    Not because everyone has a story to share
    But actually they need someone meant for a manner
    Not just a reader, they need a protagonist to stare.
    Putting pen to paper, they start jotting moments
    Each word becomes a memory and each memory a story
    Remembering those saddening thoughts, the thinker laments
    Then embeds in those falling drops, carving that imagery.
    With a grin, a smile, they love writing those rare, lovable episodes
    They still remember once spent with their loved ones
    Those caring hands, that selfless happiness in those cheerful odes
    They write down about those pleasing, pleasant seasons.
    Not always a poet shows a dark side, maybe it's the color of the ink
    Not always a poet is the victim​, maybe it's something to regret
    The story is always deep, none can dive in, just that pen can sink
    The 'story' is always something else, amusingly the only 'reader' is that poet!