• jaymahar 5w

    Amid the hustle of the city
    At the intersection we stand
    Under the ocean of countless stars
    On the opposite sides of the road we stood
    I could see you coming towards me
    But not the car that came from your opposite side
    Your laughter turning into a scream
    Fading as I came running towards you
    Your face getting blurred
    As I fell over your blood
    As I open my eyes
    You are not here
    My eyes kept searching for you
    Searching for your figure
    They say you are no more
    Oh! how bad a liar they are
    For I can see you standing beside me
    But why can't I touch you
    What kind of weird dream this is
    Wake me, wake me up
    Somewhere in your world
    Where your laughter won't turn into a scream
    Where I could really touch you
    Where we can walk again holding the hands
    Where we can run around chasing each other